5 Hyderabadi Delicacies Beyond Biryani


Welcome to the land of Nizams! Let's explore the hidden gems of Hyderabad beyond the famous biryani. #Hyderabad #Delicacies


Slide into the world of mouth-watering Hyderabadi cuisine. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these 5 delicacies. #Foodie #Hyderabad


Slide 1: Irani Chai - A cup of tea that will transport you to the streets of Hyderabad. Sip on this sweet and milky tea with Osmania biscuits. #IraniChai #TeaLover


Slide 2: Haleem - A rich and hearty stew made with meat, lentils, and spices. This Ramadan special dish is a must-try for all food lovers. #Haleem #RamadanSpecial


Slide 3: Double ka Meetha - A dessert fit for the royals. This bread pudding is soaked in sugar syrup and topped with nuts and saffron. #DoubleKaMeetha #DessertLove


Slide 4: Mirchi ka Salan - A spicy and tangy curry made with green chilies, peanuts, and tamarind. Perfect to pair with biryani or roti. #MirchiKaSalan #SpicyLove


Slide 5: Qubani ka Meetha - A sweet dish made with dried apricots, sugar, and cream. This dessert is a must-try for those with a sweet tooth. #QubaniKaMeetha #SweetTooth


Slide 6: Kebabs - Hyderabad is known for its variety of kebabs, from succulent boti kebabs to flavorful shami kebabs. Don't miss out on these grilled delights. #Kebabs #GrilledGoodness


Slide 7: Lukhmi - A savory pastry filled with minced meat and spices. This popular snack is a must-try for all street food lovers. #Lukhmi #StreetFood


Slide 8: End your culinary journey with a cup of rich and creamy Falooda. This dessert drink is made with milk, vermicelli, and rose syrup. #Falooda #DessertDrink