5 Tips For A Healthier Teatime Chai Paratha Experience


5 Tips For A Healthier Teatime Chai Paratha Experience


Parathas are versatile foods that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and teatime is one of them. It is traditionally paired with a hot mug of chai and is fondly enjoyed all across the country. But it may not be the healthiest since many people use excess ghee or butter. So, here are tips to make the popular pairing healthier.


Make sure you use whole-wheat or multigrain dough in place of refined flour dough to make your parathas.


Add fresh greens, paneer or seasonal vegetables as a stuffing to increase the fibre and other nutrients in the parathas.


Make sure to use healthy fats like ghee. Don't overuse it and apply a little oil on both sides when you are cooking the paratha.


Use an iron tawa to infuse your parathas with some iron. Highly beneficial for people with iron deficiency.


Don't drink chai simultaneously. Have it after an hour after you're done with parathas as chai can hinder the absorption of nutrients.


Make sure to consume both parathas and chai in moderation and avoid adding too much sugar to your tea. If possible, avoid any sugar at all.


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