5 Tips To Keep Bugs Away From Lentils


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Tip 1: Store your lentils in airtight containers to prevent bugs from getting in. This will also help keep your lentils fresh for longer.


Tip 2: Keep your lentils in a cool, dry place. Bugs are attracted to warm and humid environments, so storing your lentils in a cool area will help keep them bug-free.


Tip 3: Check your lentils for any signs of infestation before cooking. Look for small holes or webbing, which are signs of bugs. If you find any, discard the lentils.


Tip 4: Use bay leaves or cloves in your lentil storage containers. These natural repellents will help keep bugs away and add a subtle flavor to your lentils.


Tip 5: If you're buying lentils in bulk, freeze them for 48 hours before storing. This will kill any potential bugs or eggs and prevent them from infesting your lentils.


Bonus Tip: To prevent bugs from entering your home, seal any cracks or openings in your pantry or kitchen. This will also help keep other pests away.


Now you know how to keep bugs away from your lentils! Follow these tips and enjoy bug-free and delicious lentil dishes.


Remember to always check your lentils before cooking and discard any infested ones. Prevention is key to keeping bugs away from your lentils.


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