6 Comforting Pasta Soups To Enjoy Making This Winter


6 Comforting Pasta Soups To Enjoy Making This Winter


Whether you want a light supper or a substantial meal, pasta soups cater to various appetite levels, while also being high on flavour and nutrition. Eating a comforting bowl of soup on a cold winter evening can provide a sense of warmth and well-being – here are six delicious ones to make.


This Italian classic loaded with vegetables, beans and pasta is hearty, flavourful and extremely versatile.


A timeless favourite, chicken noodle soup combines tender chicken, vegetables and spaghetti for a simple, comforting and perfect meal for chilly days.


Another Italian favourite, pasta e fagioli is typically made with small pasta, beans, tomatoes and sometimes bacon for a rustic, flavourful soup that's incredibly satisfying.


A blend of tomato soup with orzo and fresh basil creates a herb-infused aromatic supper that you can top up with some grated parmesan for extra flavour.


A quick and delightful soup that uses cheese or meat-filled tortellini in a broth with spinach, carrots and Italian seasoning for a burst of flavour, the tortellini soup is an indulgent treat.


Loaded with a variety of colourful winter vegetables and orzo pasta, this vegetarian-friendly soup is both comforting and healthy.


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