6 Indian Curries That Celebrate The Goodness Of Ripe Mangoes


6 Indian Curries That Celebrate The Goodness Of Ripe Mangoes


The joy of sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe mango cannot be compared to anything else. However, within the Indian regional cuisines that are diverse, ripe mangoes are also used to rustle up some lip-smacking savoury curries to enjoy with rice.


A sweet and sour curry from the Konkan coast, the ambe sasav gets its mellow bitterness from the use of ground mustard seeds.


For a Kerala-style curry infused with coconut and other classic flavours, the pulissery is a mildly spiced option to enjoy with red rice.


Eaten as an accompaniment to rice and fried fish in Mangalorean homes during the summer, the upkari also uses jaggery to enhance the sweet notes of the fruit.


A Bengali-style mango curry made using minimal ingredients and the Bengali staple of panch phoron, the ranna is made using partially ripened mangoes which have a sweet and sour flavour.


Made with a specific type of local mango known as ‘Chandrakaran’, the pazha manga is a light curry that uses pearl onions and coconut as its flavour base.


A fusion of the South Indian mor kuzhambu – a tempered yoghurt curry – along with the addition of chunks of ripe mangoes, the manga kuzhambu is perfect to enjoy with appams.


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