6 Reasons Why Ice Cream Before Bed Is A Bad Idea


6 Reasons Why Ice Cream Before Bed Is A Bad Idea


Ice cream has forever been the comfort dessert for everyone. Be it a breakup or a promotion, a bowl of ice cream is the way to. But one can't bat a blind eye to the fact that it's quite unhealthy to consume this dessert before bed. The next time you crave ice cream before bed, here are 6 reasons why it's a bad idea.


Consuming ice cream before bed can lead to poor sleep quality. The high sugar content causes blood sugar spikes and crashes, making falling and staying asleep harder.


Ice cream at night can slow digestion, increase acid reflux, and cause bloating and discomfort. The high-fat content takes longer to break down, leading to indigestion.


Ice cream’s high sugar content can lead to blood sugar spikes.


Ice cream’s high sugar content can contribute to weight gain over time. Opt for alternatives like tart cherry smoothies or frozen banana nice cream.


The combination of sugar and dairy can ferment in the body and gut, causing bloating and gas.


The dish may comfort our senses but it upsets your stomach. Dairy can lead to an upset stomach due to indigestion, further affecting sleep.


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