7 Tips To Master The Art Of Plating


7 Tips To Master The Art Of Plating


When it comes to eating, our visual senses take the primary seat, whereas the taste buds follow suit. Here are 7 tips to present your food beautifully.


Make a sketch first of how you want your dish to look before you start plating it. Next, plan and arrange all the elements that will go on the dish.


Do not try to fill the plate, instead build it from the bottom up. This will give structure to your dish.


Play with_textures and sauces to make the dish look more interesting.


Using contrasting colours can make your dish more appealing. Avoid artificial colours and use beetroot, matcha, carrots and other natural colours.


Along with focusing on how to set the food, it is also important to use the right size, colour, and style for the plate you choose.


After getting to know the basics, unleash your creativity and find your voice and style of plating the food.


Choose a star ingredient to add a 'wow' factor to your plate. It could be edible flowers, candied jewel fruit, a sprinkle of edible dust, flakes of warq etc.


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