8 Best Tips For Making Summer Cocktails


8 Best Tips For Making Summer Cocktails


Summer is the best time to enjoy refreshing cocktails. Visiting your city's popular watering hole seems an easy way to enjoy boozy libations. But the fun of making them at home turns it adventurous. If you belong to the latter group, here are 8 tips for making the most of your summer cocktails.


Use fresh fruits and herbs. Think of seasonal fruits and refreshing herbs such as mint. It will infuse a burst of flavour to your cocktails.


Summer means the season of mangoes and an array of melons such as watermelons and musk melons. Try including them as juices and finely chopped pieces in your cocktails.


A good cocktail depends on the right choice of alcohol base. Hence, experiment with different types of liquor. Vodka, gin and rum are great options for summer cocktails.


Don't forget to add ice to your choicest summer cocktail. Crushed ice is ideal for most cocktails, but you can also use ice cubes or even frozen fruit.


Most summer cocktails taste better with a hint of sweetness. Sweeten your drinks with natural sweeteners like honey or agave instead of artificial syrups.


Summer cocktails with a fizz are always a hit. Consider including a dash of soda water or tonic in your cocktails for a fizzy finish.


Garnish your summer cocktails with fresh herbs or fruit slices. This will add a pop of colour and enhance the flavours.


This might sound lame, but summer cocktails always create room for some funk. Thus, serve your drinks in fun and colourful glasses to add to the summer vibe.