8 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Making Masala Chai At Home


8 common mistakes to avoid while making masala chai at home


During the winter, masala chai is not just a hot beverage but an emotion that we all connect with. And one small mistake can ruin this emotion completely. Let us tell you about eight common mistakes to avoid while making masala chai at home.


It is suggested to use good-quality loose-leaf tea or tea bags specifically meant for making chai. Unkept tea leaves often lose aroma and result in a bad tea experience.


Overboiling the tea can lead to a bitter and over extracted brew. Hence, it is important to simmer gently after adding the tea leaves, spices, and milk.


Make sure you use boiled milk instead of raw milk. Also, the ratio of milk to water should be balanced. Too much milk might dilute the taste of tea leaves and spices, while too little can result in a strong chai.


Too much clove and cinnamon can result in a strong tea. It is important to balance the ratio of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, and make sure that you crush them well.


It is suggested to add sweetener towards the end of making the tea. It helps maintain the natural colour of tea. If you add sugar in the beginning, it might darken the overall colour of chai.


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Always invest in a fine-mesh strainer to strain the tea and never squeeze the tea leaves, as it might result in a bitter tea experience.


The quality of the water also plays a key role in defining the taste of your chai. The use of high-mineral water can impart a metallic taste and affect the overall flavor profile. It is suggested to use filtered or soft water.