​8 Hearty Soups Under 500 Calories For Winter Nights


​8 hearty soups under 500 calories for winter nights


On chilly nights, soups can be warm and nourishing. Soups that are low in calories maintain your wellness. The creamy and spicy flavor of soups should not increase your calorie intake. Tap to learn about 8 hearty soups under 500 calories for winter nights.


Minestrone is a delicious Italian soup seasoned with meats, vegetables, and pasta. The soup is cooked in a meat-based broth. A perfect blend of basil, oregano, herbs, and spices together form a succulent soup. It is layered with parmesan cheese.


This soup is a delight in the winter. A bowl of tomato blender soup is instant warmth in the winter. The soup is sauteed using fresh tomatoes, onions, and other herbs.


This soup is simmered in meatballs, tomato, and fennel, which introduces a spicy flavor. This soup has an aroma of garlic and tasty meatballs. This soup can tantalize your taste buds. A touch of fennel in this soup makes it winter’s soupy delight.


This is another melt-in-the-mouth Italian soup. It consists of a meat broth and egg mixture. This soup is native to Rome. The soup is prepared with a blend of beaten eggs, and chicken broth forms the base of the soup.


This hearty soup is whipped with chickpeas, leeks, and chorizo. The aromatic blend of this creamy soup is an absolute delight. This classic soup is seasoned with a drizzle of olive and paprika combined with chilly flakes.


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This soup is simmered with a variety of ingredients that include grated ginger, miso paste, and barley. The creamy richness of barley and miso paste adds flavor to the soup.


This soup is prepared with the goodness of vegetables and an addition of spicy flavor. A mixture of boneless chicken is shredded for the soup, along with a variety of vegetables. The secret to this luscious soup is a mixture of chili paste blended with garlic, honey, and vinegar.