8 Tips To Boost Your Immunity During Winters


8 Tips To Boost Your Immunity During Winters


As we head into winter, catching coughs, colds and flu all seem inevitable. But there are some small changes we can make to our diet that can help bolster our immune systems. Here are 8 tips to boost your immunity during winters.


Nutrients that keep our immune system in good working order include vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D as well as copper, folate, iron, selenium and zinc. Start eating a balanced diet to boost your immunity.


It’s important to get enough energy through the winter months. And that means calories. Starchy carbohydrates like brown rice and potatoes, protein foods like meat fish and beans, and a little bit of fat from oils and spreads will ensure you have enough energy to fight a virus.


If you are drinking alcohol to keep warm, maybe alternate with low-sugar soft drinks to reduce your total alcohol intake and stay hydrated.


Ensure you are drinking the recommended amount of water each day, as this will help fight any infection and flush out harmful toxins.


Don’t allow yourself to get rundown because of a lack of sleep as this will compromise your immune system. During the winter holiday season, try to balance those Christmas and New Year parties with some early nights.


Moderate exercise can be beneficial when it comes to boosting your immune system. When your immune cells are properly moving through your body, they can better protect you from infection.


When you're stressed out, your body produces fewer lymphocytes — white blood cells that boost immunity. Stress can also increase your cortisol levels, which can lead to inflammation and a dip in immune levels. Reducing your stress levels can help keep your immune system functioning properly.


When it's cold outside, ensure you're wearing the proper attire — layers of clothing with a coat, hat, gloves, a scarf, socks and warm shoes. Layers will let you adjust for the right temperature in colder temperatures.