Basil To Cumin, 7 Seeds With Cooling Effects In Summer


Basil To Cumin, 7 Seeds With Cooling Effects In Summer


The summer heat has been getting unbearable day by day.  But nature has provided us with some relief in the form of foods that can cool down the body. Here are 7 such seeds to incorporate into your diet to beat the heat.


Basil seeds, also known as sabja, lower body heat and soothe the stomach. Use them lemonades, coconut water, milkshakes, smoothies, and sharbat.


Fennel seeds or saunf are known for their cooling properties. They can be chewed after meals or added to drinks to help cool down the body.


Coriander seeds have a cooling effect on the body and are often used in Indian cuisine. They can be added to drinks or used in cooking.


The seeds of watermelons contain a wealth of minerals and can help to cool the body. You may add them to salads or nibble on them after roasting.


Fenugreek or methi seeds reduce body temperature. Fenugreek seeds can be eaten raw or soaked in water overnight.


Poppy seeds or khus khus can cool down the body. They can be added to beverages or cooked into culinary fares.


Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine uses cumin seeds or jeera. They cool the body and may be employed for cooking and beverages.


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