How To Make Protein-loaded Dal Pumpkin Soup


How to make protein-loaded Dal Pumpkin Soup


Craving for thick, creamy and healthy soup? Then give your winter feasting a hearty twist with this tasty Dal Pumpkin Soup. Packed with goodness of fiber, protein and essential nutrients, this simple soup is perfect for a healthy boost of nutrition. So, follow us through some simple steps given below.


1 1/2 cup masoor dal, 150 grams pumpkin, ½ cup cream, water as needed, 1 tsp oregano, 1 tsp red pepper flakes, ¼ coriander leaves, 1 tbsp mixed herbs, salt and pepper to taste.


To begin with this easy recipe, wash and soak the red lentils. Wash it two to three times. Meanwhile, wash and chop the veggies.


Now, take a pan and add in water followed by adding washed dal, salt and cook this over low flame.


Now, add in the pumpkin once the lentils are slightly cooked. Once the pumpkin looks slightly mushy, turn off the heat.


Next, take a blender and make a smooth puree of both the ingredients and keep aside.


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Take a pan and add in sesame oil, once the oil is hot enough add in the onions, garlic, ginger and saute nicely. Pour the pumpkin dal blend.


Allow the soup to simmer and add in the seasoning, cream and chopped herbs.