Momo To Nalli Nihari: 10 Indian Comfort Dishes To Enjoy This Season


Momo To Nalli Nihari: 10 Indian Comfort Dishes To Enjoy This Season


Winter is here and we are all searching for comfort food. In the heart of every Indian kitchen, there's a treasure trove of recipes that have been lovingly passed down through generations. There are certain dishes that provides warmth and comfort in the chilly months keeping our body warm from within. Take a look at some of them:


They are a type of steamed filled dumplings that are usually served with sauces. They are a Tibetan and Nepali cuisine and are widely enjoyed in India.


Undhiyu is a treasured Gujarati dish that combines a variety of winter vegetables and fenugreek dumplings, all cooked in a fragrant blend of spices and coconut.


The saag is a medley of mustard greens, cooked with spices and ghee, while the roti is made from cornmeal. Together, they create a winter symphony that's been cherished for ages.


South India brings us Ven Pongal, a warm and comforting dish made from rice and lentils, seasoned with black pepper, cumin, and curry leaves.


Spinach is found in abundance in the winter season and what hits of the list of winter foods is palak paratha. You can enjoy the dish with yogurt, achaar or curry.


In Bengal household, nolen gurer payesh is a must have in the winter months. Gobindobhog rice is steamed with milk and nolen gur is added to it for unique flavour and taste.


Bengali household cherish koiraishutir (peas) kochuri and aloo dum every winter. You can enjoy this meal with a dallop of jhola gur.


It is a Tibetan noodle soup enjoyed by the Indians on a large scale. It is warm and comfort food and is enjoyed especially in the winter.