Red Carpet Moments: NDTV Food Awards 2024


Welcome to the NDTV Food Awards 2024! Join us as we celebrate the best of the culinary world with our Red Carpet Moments. #NDTVFoodAwards


The stage is set, the lights are on, and the stars are arriving. Who will take home the coveted awards tonight? #RedCarpetMoments


Our first award of the night is for the Best Fine Dining Restaurant. The competition is tough, but only one can win. #NDTVFoodAwards


Next up, we have the award for the Best Street Food Joint. These hidden gems have been delighting our taste buds all year. #RedCarpetMoments


The Best Chef award is always a highly anticipated one. Who will be crowned the culinary king or queen of 2024? #NDTVFoodAwards


It's time for a special performance by a renowned celebrity chef. Get ready to be mesmerized by their culinary skills. #RedCarpetMoments


The award for the Best Food Blogger is up next. These influencers have been taking the food world by storm with their reviews. #NDTVFoodAwards


We can't forget about the Best Food Photography award. These talented photographers have been capturing food in all its glory. #RedCarpetMoments


The final award of the night is for the Best Food TV Show. These shows have been entertaining and educating us all year. #NDTVFoodAwards


And that's a wrap for the NDTV Food Awards 2024! Thank you to all our winners, nominees, and attendees for making it a night to remember. #RedCarpetMoments