Stew To Saaru, 8 Easiest Indian Mutton Curries For Dinner


Stew To Saaru,  8 Easiest Indian Mutton Curries For Dinner


Wondering what to cook for a quick and easy dinner tonight? Try one of these regional Indian mutton curries that are super-easy to cook for the family.


Originating in North India, Arbi Gosht is a close relative of the Mughlai-origin Aloo Gosht Salan, but made with colocasia.


The iconic mutton curry from Bengal is known for its thick gravy, dark mutton and an impeccable taste of potatoes.


Loaded with coconut milk and veggies, this Kerala-style Mutton Stew is best enjoyed with freshly made appams or rice.


Popular in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Mutton Kalvan is a dark-hued spicy curry made with a special masala blend.


Originating in Halli, a small village in Bidar district, Karnataka, this simple mutton curry sings with the flavours of Byadagi chillies.


Hailing from Odisha, this mutton dish is an amped up version of a traditional mutton jhol or tarkari that is served specifically at weddings.


A favourite among Bohri Muslims, this mutton curry gets its signature colour from curd, coconut, cashews and poppy seeds.


A very nutritious North Indian specialty, Keema Kaleji utilizes mutton mince and liver to make a spicy mutton curry for dinner.