These Are The Most Expensive Dishes Of India


These are the most expensive dishes of India


If you are a food enthusiast and looking for finest culinary experiences, then here is a list of 10 such dishes of India that display luxury and extravagance. Tap to know about these dishes.


Caviar is considered a luxurious food and when in India, do try the Almas Caviar at the AER Lounge in Mumbai that’s priced at INR 1 Lakh per kg.


This biryani from Dum Pukht restaurant Mumbai is known to be the costliest and is priced at INR 6500 for one serving.


This 12-inch pizza from Mumbai’s Favola restaurant has white truffles and edible gold as its topping, and is priced at INR 5,000.


Served in Delhi’s iconic Bukhara restaurant, this tandoori kebab is sold at a rate of INR 6200 per plate.


This meaty dish from Karims’ Delhi is renowned for its Nalli Nihari that’s priced at INR 3,800 per plate and is served with naan.


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The iconic Bukhara restaurant in Delhi is renowned for its Dal Bukhara which is a creamy lentil dish prepared with kali dal, butter, and a blend of spices. It’s priced at INR 995 per serving and what makes it pricey is the fact that it is slow-cooked for hours.


This curry from Karavalli restaurant in Bengaluru is priced at INR 4800 per serving and is served with a side of rice. It’s prepared by cooking lobsters in a curry made with coconut milk and a melange of spices.